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With an engagement shoot done in the dead of winter at Chicago Botanic Gardens (resulting in some veryyyy cold fingers), it was only natural that Emma and Lenny’s wedding (or as people later started to call them as the shots multiplied: Emmy and Lenna or Lemmy and Enna) fell on one of the hottest days of this Chicago Summer. And it was beautiful.

I’ve known Lenny for a very long time. In fact, he’s one of my longest friends and he is sure to tell you HIS side of the story of how we first met. We’d gone to the same school and taken the same bus and we were just 5-6 year olds hanging out doing whatever 5-6 year old Eastern Europeans on the bus home from school do and we talked about hanging out off the bus and I believed that we were to hang out that day…So what did I do? I followed him off the bus and came to his house, obviously. Where his story differs from mine is that I STALKED him off the bus and he has had no problem sharing that to everyone we’ve ever met to this day lol. Believe what you want – I know my truth. But ANYWAYS…

Fast forward to when I first met Emma, I knew immediately that she was it. She was the one for him. I felt it. The way they balance each other out, and the way they communicate, the way they so perfectly complement each other. Watching them grow together has been such a beautiful experience, especially since I’ve always looked to Lenny for inspiration and insight into myself. You really can’t find a better match.

It was an honor to document their love story and here is part of it.


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