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LeVincia and Shaun’s elopement in Chicago was a day full of laughs, some tears, a good amount dancing, and a whole lot of rain. But no amount of rain could have taken away from how timeless LeVincia looked, nor how stylish Shaun and Shaun Jr. were; altogether they killed it.

After getting wed, we ventured out into the rain for some photos before moving onto the second location where they held a reception for family to celebrate them at the cutest little rustic barbecue joint, Lillie’s Q. Despite the hours of downpours, it was there that we got a break from the rain and got some sun. However, that was just part one. The great thing about elopements is the ability to tailor it to be exactly the way you want it to be, because at the end of the day, it’s about the love you and your partner have, right?

We decided we would continue the photos a couple of weeks later at Logan Emporium to go on a date where I was obviously the best third wheel ever, and finished it off by exploring some nearby murals (and a Ford Bronco that I was determined to include in the photo somehow and turned out to be one of my favorites from the shoot). It almmmmost ended in a surprise fourth location but going to a nearby tattoo shop where they were going to get the matching tattoos they’ve wanted for a long time which, if you know me or have seen any photos of me, you KNOW is right up my alley, but, unfortunately, the shop was closing soon. Either way though, it was totally simple and fun and I had so much fun going out with them. Thanks for being the couple of my dreams and being willing to get silly in public.

A special thanks to these vendors who LeVincia so perfectly chose to help create this day: