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As a photographer and a human that recognizes life is too short, I find it imperative that I only offer services that I am most passionate about. These are the things I have found I love photographing the most over the years.

Wedding at Loyola University, Chicago, IL shot by Captured by Bianca


I’m there for the belly laughs, the silly dancing, the happy tears, the quiet space for those who could not be there, the sweet moments you think no one is watching. I'm there to celebrate with you and document all of the moments you'll never want to forget. I've found that the best way to do this is by no longer accepting weddings with over 100 guests because I like to focus on the intimate moments of not just you and your partner, but all of your loved ones celebrating your big day with you.

Starting at $1750
Chicago Elopement at City Hall shot by Captured by Bianca 2019


Who said you had to get wed in front of hundreds of people and spend a ton of money to do so? Lets break some traditions and go on a road trip together to Montana to visit the mountains and the starry night sky or head to some dunes in Colorado, or simply just explore your city and celebrate you the way YOU want to be celebrated.

Starting at $950
Chicago Beach Engagement Shoot shot by Captured by Bianca in 2019


I love couple shoots whether they're for an engagement, anniversary, maternity shoot, or just because you want a new profile picture. If you're not interested in being posed in unnatural ways and feeling awkward for a couple of hours then great! I'm not either. My job as a photographer isn't to create a new you - it's to document what's already there. So let's call it a date and go out for an evening on the town, walking along the beach, or road tripping to a nearby flower field. With me you're paying for an experience so whatever way we can make this the most "you" while also having a blast - I'm down!

Starting at $300
Wagner Farm in Glenview Family Photoshoot shot by Captured by Bianca 2019


I think my absolute favorite moments to witness as a photographer are the ones between a parent and child. Whether during the dances at a wedding, or sweet moments like this one. My heart love bursts every time and I feel so incredibly honored to document these moments. These become heirlooms. Photos that will be appreciated by you, your child, and many generations to come. Everyone deserves to have quality photos that truly represent the love in their hearts and their family’s.

Chicago Beach Engagement Shoot by Captured by Bianca

"Wow. I was blown away at how well she captured us as a couple. The love, the passion, the unity, the goofiness. Everyone that I know that has seen these photos can say they are their favorites they’ve seen in a long time, she truly captured our love as well as our personalities, was creative, and just the energy behind the photos was pure. We loved Bianca’s energy so much, that we signed a contract for her to come to our elopement in Glacier National Park shortly after seeing the PREVIEW photos." - Ashley and Zach

Chicago Wedding shot by Captured by Bianca 2018

"Literally could not have asked for a better photo experience than with Bianca and her crew. They made us feel like rockstars and the finished product was beyond gorgeous. I could not recommend her more highly. We loved her and her team so much we invited them to stay and party with us when they were done shooting our wedding" - Katie and Mark

Algonquin Couple Photoshoot shot by Captured by Bianca

"Omg, I can't believe how well my boyfriend and I's photos turned out! We're both super awkward people, and my boyfriend was especially nervous about shooting, let alone with someone he had never met before. But Bianca made the both of us feel super comfortable, and the pictures prove it!" - Gabriella

Wagner Farm in Glenview Family Photoshoot shot by Captured by Bianca 2018

"From photographing my wedding to taking pictures of my little girl almost 2 years later, everything has been absolutely AMAZING. Bianca was able to so perfectly capture the love my husband and I have for each other as well as the love we have for our little girl! From adults to children to pets there is nothing she can’t photograph and do an incredible job with. We love her and will continue to use her as much as we can" - Matt and Molly